Helpful Tips to Prepare for an Interview

1.Answer questions thoroughly and thoughtfully
Take the time to fully understand the question before you start to answer. Be sure to be thoughtful and concise when answering so that the impact of your response is not lost on the interviewer. With every question try to tie your response back to some prior experience or something else that shows you in a positive light.
2.Practice good nonverbal communication
It is important to always practice the message that you exude outside of verbal communication. Standing straight, making eye contact, and a firm handshake can go a long way towards showing confidence and approachability. These factors can be as important to a successful interview as verbal communication.
3.Use appropriate language
It is common knowledge that it is imperative to use professional language whenever speaking. However, it is important to refrain from using slang words, or inappropriate references to age, race, religion, or sexual orientation. These types of references could lead to an automatic dismissal of your chances of success.
A very big part of communication involves listening and understanding what an interviewer is telling you. Many people focus too much on their answers to questions and do not take the time to show interest or listen to what an interviewer has to say. This can often give off an impression of disinterest or boredom.
5.Ask questions
Always remember to ask insightful and thoughtful questions. Ask questions that do not require one word answers. The questions that you ask should show your interest in the company as well as allow you to learn more about the company. It can be very beneficial to do prior research about the company so that you are able to ask educated and in-depth questions.


Welcome GEM 2015!

The Greek Emerging Leaders (GEM) program is excited to welcome 35 new mentees from 20 different chapters at Lehigh University.  We look forward to working with these students as they further develop their leadership skills and explore how they will create positive change in their chapters and the Greek community. We celebrated their induction into the GEM program on Tuesday, April 21 and will begin working together in August throughout the fall semester.

Please congratulate the following 2015 GEM Mentees!

Emilio Arellano * Lindsay Bailey * Molly Bankuti * Marlena Boesch * Michael Brill * Adam Brodkin * Lucas Brown * Jeff Bulick * Talya Cooper * Juan Pablo Ferrer * Anne Finney * Sarah Garberg * Erin Garrity * Brielle Gemberling * Daniel Gibbs * Tristan Heffler * Scott Henry * Jordan Hess * Ryan Kirton * Nicole Lando * Alyssa Landow * Courtney Lenzo * Alexandra Mangino * Jacob Nemeth * Sydney O’Tapi * Dana Pierce * Hayley Poll * Madeline Sands * Garrett Santini * Tristan Seton * James Surace * Jennifer Tomany * Mack Trexler * Karli Wachtel * James Waring

We would also like to additionally thank our GEM Leadership Team consisting of 10 mentors and 2 coordinators from 11 different chapters who have been training together and preparing to lead and mentor these students!

Audrey Baer * Matthew Bay * Dakota DiMattio * Kallyse Duddlesten, Coordinator 2015-2016 * Brooke Goldsmith * Jacy Herman * Daniel Izzo * Daniel Leal * Jonathan Lum * Jessica Scott, Coordinator 2014-2015 * Alejandra Silguero * Allie Tookmanian

LeaderShape at Lehigh 2015 applications are due Sunday, 2/15! #LULeaderShape #LUOSLD

LeaderShape is a nationally recognized six-day experience that challenges participants to explore identity development and inclusive leadership. Students work towards developing a blueprint plan that includes discussions on how to lead with integrity™ and have a healthy disregard for the impossible. Sound interesting? APPLY! (see the link below for more information and access to the application!) Applications are due SUNDAY 2/15!!

Check out this video to find out more:

GEM 2014

GEM: A Kick-Off to a Great Year!

You would think asking forty-two members of Greek organizations to miss their first Friday back at Lehigh would end in a catastrophe. However, for the GEM mentees and Mentors who attended _DSC0033their annual retreat at Camp Canadensis, the weekend was extremely successful and kicked off the year just right. Although most were a bit sluggish when we arrived, things picked up right away with everyone’s favorite games… Icebreakers! Usually with icebreakers the participants try to act too cool and not really have fun with them, but not these GEMs. They were all very into the games, which was exactly what was needed to start the retreat on the right foot. If there’s one theme you should notice, it’s that GEMs are not your typical, average people. They know that this program will help them become better leaders and that weekend proved it by breaking out of their comfort zones, making fools of themselves, and ultimately establishing many new friendships along the way.

This weekend was full of small and large group bonding; ranging from dividing up into small clusters (MEDUSAS for life) and getting to know each other, to participating in a low ropes course, to spending some free time out on the lake or at a bonfire playing “Odds Are”.   The mentees are put into clusters of 6-8 of them so that they can have more intimate conversations that would be difficult to have in an open forum of over forty people. This has been what I found to be the most valuable part of GEM because I have seen mentees take ideas from other chapters, change them into a way that would benefit their own chapter, and implement it _DSC0211with enormous amounts of success.

It seemed at times that the GEMs forgot they were at a camp an hour from Lehigh on a Friday because they were all enjoying their time there. I know for certain that very many long-lasting friendships were established at that retreat, and I’m excited to see how well the mentees work together moving forward. I know the retreat was but a small sample size of what to expect; however, it was all I needed to be sure that these GEMs will continue to surprise everyone with their potential to have an impact coming back to Lehigh from their 24 hours away in the Poconos and that they will continue to make change well into the future.

I believe it’s safe to say that the retreat was very suc  cessful and that it will help lead to great GEM sessions in which the mentees will learn a lot about themselves and others and participate in some rather crucial and though-provoking dialogue. The retreat really pumped me up for the rest of the semester, and I’m ready to do whatever I can to help these mentees become outstanding leaders not only within their chapters, but also within the Greek community and Lehigh as a whole.


Welcome to the new GEM 2014 cohort!

GEM 2014

The Greek Emerging Leaders (GEM) program is excited to welcome 35 new mentees from 21 different chapters at Lehigh University.  We look forward to working with these students as they further develop their leadership skills and explore how they will create positive change in their chapters and the Greek community. We celebrated their induction into the GEM program this past Tuesday, April 15 and will begin working together in August throughout the fall semester.

Please congratulate the following 2014 GEM Mentees!

Audrey Baer
Emily Beaman
Kevin Boorman
Laura Chan
Dakota DiMattio
Sean Donohue
Kallyse Duddlesten
Brian Duddy
Andrew Freedman
Cassandra Gakos
Ashley Goldschmid
Brooke Goldsmith
Jacy Herman
Elias Hess
Daniel Izzo
William Kavanagh
Nathan Keim
Karen Konkoly
Randall Lawson
Brian Lewis
Anthony Lonero
Tyler Martin
Ian McDonald
Matthew McKay
Megan McMichael
James Michal
Jacob Nelson
Zachary Neumann
Andrew Parola
Caio Simao
Allison Starer
William Sullebarger
Adam Svetec
Guerric Vornle von Haagenfels
Katherine Woodward

Check out some photos from our Mentee Induction Celebration at Revolutions!


From Apprehension to Reflection ~ My LeaderShape Story by: Paul Skersis

When I first thought about attending LeaderShape, I admit I was apprehensive about the program. The only reason I wanted to go was to be “the kid who went to LeaderShape.” That way at house elections the next year I could say “I went to LeaderShape”. I was certain that I was going to go for 6 days, be bored, but then I could say, “I went to LeaderShape and you didn’t.” But LeaderShape was something completely different. From the very first day, I realized that I was in for an experience unlike anything I had ever done. After a twenty-hour drive, I came to grips with the fact that I was 700 miles away from home, surrounded by people I had never met or spoken to before, and I wasn’t going to be leaving for 6 days. My heart sank.

If I was attending any other program, this is when the real boredom would have started. Under different circumstances, after mandatory activities I would’ve retreated to my room and waited for the next day. What LeaderShape did was completely different.  The lessons of the day and the group exercises taught me to step out of my comfort zone. I decided not to hide away, but to hang out in a common area. And what I saw surprised me. Every other person attending had the same idea. That night, our groups came together, and we talked together. We didn’t share our stories or our opinions on the learning session of the day because we were forced to by the program, but because of the sense that we had all come to here to do something different. The first step of that process was to leave our comfort zones behind.

The rest of the week was just like this. As we learned more about each other, we became more and more comfortable sharing with one another. And as we learned more about ourselves, we became better at refining our own behaviors to better communicate with each other. For example, during one of our sessions about communications, I learned that I was a dominant personality type. So, that night when talking to others, I decided to pull back during group conversations, and I noticed that other people would fill in the gap I had made. I realized that the lessons we were learning during the program where not just pointless exercises or thought experiments: they were real. They had applications in the world outside of my fraternity, outside of Greek life, outside of the stereotypical “leader” positions.

The program made me realize so much about myself and how I deal and communicate with others. That is a critical part of the LeaderShape experience. It is not about teaching you new tricks or tips on how to be a better leader. LeaderShape is more about getting you to realize your own strengths and weaknesses as a person. It has changed how I act day to day, in every aspect in my life. I’m more aware of how people perceive me and how I perceive other people. I can better tell why people react the way they do, and I really understand why I react the way I do to others and how my actions may be perceived by others.

I really can not recommend LeaderShape enough to you. It’s not just for Greeks, or non-greeks. It’s not just for geniuses. It’s not just for charismatic people. It’s not even just for people in leadership positions. If you want to learn about yourself, to really learn how you can change to be better in your life, then LeaderShape is just for you.

My LeaderShape Experience by: Isabelle Dalzon

During my time at LeaderShape, I met wonderful people. It was definitely an experience that I would love for everyone to have to opportunity to participate in.  Going to LeaderShape gave me the chance to meet, and build friendships with people not only the United States, but also other countries such as Haiti and Ghana.

            At first, when we were first discussing our visions and what we were passionate about, I was nervous and intimidated. But as the six days went on, I became content with what I came up with as my vision.  Being at this retreat was a wonderful experience because it put me in a positive setting where other people all had different visions, but the end goal of each of our visions was to make the world a better place. During the program, I learned so much about myself, my values, my ambitions, and my strengths and weaknesses; but from learning all this, it helped to develop me more as a person

            My favorite part of participating had to be the family clusters. In each family cluster, everyone had the opportunity to be 100% genuine and express who they really were. To me, the family clusters served as a core support system for everyone’s visions. Honestly, I didn’t think it was possible for me to get so close to a group of people in such a short amount of time. Every single person in each family cluster brought a special gift to the group, which made it unique. It was amazing to see each person be so proud and so excited to be a part of their family cluster throughout the retreat.

            If I had the chance to go to Leadershape again, I would take up the opportunity in a heartbeat, because there was so much to learn and experience. I am so thankful that I had the chance to meet the people, and to have developed a vision that I hope to make a reality in the near future.ImageImageImage